icona convegno28 APRIL 2016. MILAN


Market sceneries: the value and evolution of the offer
Definition of online printing, presentation of the white paper and benchmarking against other European countries

A different business model: how it works and why embrace it
Reflections on the advantages of this system and on what is needed for its implementation: technological infrastructure, professionalism within the company and various possible approaches (modulate, brokers etc.)

International Round Table
Experiences in Germany and the UK: winning choices made by successful printers


Two parallel sessions: one dedicated to in-depth analysis of online promotional activities (for those in a marketing role and/ or printers who have already implemented online printing in their business), the other dedicated to the analysis of the technological and infrastructural aspects (for those in IT roles and/or those who have not started with online printing yet). The conference will end with a key note speech for both sessions.

SESSION 1 – E-commerce and online communication
The session will address issues such as User Experience, Online Customer Experience, Data-driven marketing, Tracking of purchases, Data security

SESSION 2 – Start-up in online printing: analysis and technological investments
What you need to implement an online printing system, from preparing an estimate, to workfl ow management and delivery

Best Seller in E-commerce