icona ominoWHAT
After last year’s success this is a project not to be missed for those interested in the scale of the phenomenon that is online printing. A must for those who work within the industry and have decisions to make: to open their own portal? Work with pre-existing ones? Wait on the side-lines? A white paper, a website, a dedicated hub and a conference will point you in the right direction.


icona tempoWHEN
Online Printing Conference will last much longer than one day. From February to April 2017 we will study and analyse the market to present it in the second Italian white paper about web-to-print, created in collaboration with Keypoint Intelligence (InfoTrends). On April 27th we will meet at a conference in Milan. We will explore the theme all year round through news on stampamedia.net and on Web to Print HUB, which will be a meeting point for online printers and print buyers.


icona bandieraWHERE
The conference will be held in Milan. The white paper, blog and HUB will reach out to the entire national territory, and not only.



icona partnershipWHO
This project is by

logo Stratego Group    


icona w2pTARGET
The audience for this project are mainly Italian printing companies, whether small, medium or big, whether they already have an online portal or they are considering implementing one. The invitation is extended to print buyers, editors, advertising, communication and direct marketing agencies, marketing managers of companies in the industry, commerce and services which are interested in understanding the advantages and limitation of buying online printing products.


icona lampadinaTREND
Online Printing is revolutionising the world of graphic arts and creating interesting opportunities. A sector in which the turnover at European level increases by 15-18% and which, by 2020, could give small and medium printers a hard time. Initially the offer was made up of simple commercial and promotional products, but it has now expanded. It includes structured products, such as books, magazines and catalogues, printed material for outward communication, the point of sale, sports clothing and promotional clothing, labels, packaging and many other applications. The most recent technologies are also creating opportunities in 3D printing.


icona convegnoCONFERENCE
It will last a day and will be a moment for market players to meet and share their experiences: updates, in-depth technological research, networking and relations will all be addressed in a fluid format which will include local and international case histories, successful examples and educational content. See here the agenda.


icona ricercaWHITE PAPER
The project will start in February 2017 with the launch of the second edition of a market research on a national level and in some European countries. In collaboration with Keypoint Intelligence, the research will pinpoint emerging trends, the understanding of online printing and the rate of adoption of its solutions on the Italian market. It will compare Italy to other European countries. Findings from this research will be published in the second Italian white paper about W2P, a publication where market data will be enriched by the testimony of printers, technology suppliers and successful case histories from Italy and abroad.


icona blogBLOG
Expert journalists of the field will write articles on a dedicated blog, providing the most ground-breaking contents, interviews with people who have already embraced this new business model, comments to IT products available to the market. And, of course, links to international resources, to be aware of the wider picture.